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There is a huge difference between Pressure cleaning and Power-Washing. When we clean home we only use LOW PRESSURE with the correct chemicals to ensure not only the best results but to avoid harming your home or landscaping. It doesn't matter if its Hardi-plank siding, brick, or stucco our LOW PRESSURE NO DAMAGE approach gently and thoroughly washes your home in comparison to resorting to a Houston pressure washing service that leads to minor all the way to excess damage to your home. Using only pressure is a short lasting temporary fix. If no chemicals are applied the mold and algae come back within 2 to 3 months time. When you use us our results depending on various factors such as sunlight exposure, humidity, and surrounding landscaping areas our results can last up to 2 years.

Here are some examples of quality services you will receive from us when you choose Champion Window Cleaning and Power-washing
Low pressure no damage
Bio-degradable chemicals
Power-Washing flat surface areas can be approached one of 3 ways. Our way is to clean all surfaces evenly and using a chemical lace afterwards as a barrier to residual mold and algae unable to be detected by the naked eye. Similar to power washing Houston homes, if a chemical is not applied the algae and mold return within a few months. RUST CAN BE REMOVED, however there are a lot of chemicals claiming to lift rust and restore your driveway to its former glory but it is a myth. Many do lift the rust but leave a bleach white spot behind and others severely damage the seal on the concrete itself. Fertilizer stains from potted plants will dissipate within 6 months to a year after cleaning if the plants are moved elsewhere. If not the Stains will remain. Your patio can be made out of concrete, cool decking, flagstone, stamped concrete , or pavers whatever it is we can clean it to make it look just like it did when you had it laid.
In addition to Houston window cleaning, in order to clean siding efficiently you CANNOT USE HIGH PRESSURE—it will destroy your siding. Instead, give us a call and let us give come and give you a free estimate on washing your home at a price you can afford. We use a low pressure no damage approach that will leave your hardy plank or vinyl siding clean and undamaged for many years to come.  You have to approach it using LOW PRESSURE only to be certain it its cleaned effectively and we will extend the life of your siding instead of diminishing the remainder of life left.
Washing roofs is a fairly new business to the state of Texas and many will instead of considering to wash their roof at 10% of the cost of replacing will spend a fortune on something that is unnecessary Washing roofs is a fairly new business to the state of Texas and many will instead of considering to wash their roof at 10% of the cost of replacing will spend a fortune on replacing a roof way before it is time to do so.
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Everbody who has a home has a drive way and a lot of home owners HATE doing it theirselves. For you it usually turns out to be an all day project for you and your Saturday or day off could be spent doing something you actually would like to do. Let us make your driveway in Houston pressure washing look like they poured new concrete. With our unique techniques and chemicals your drive will stay clean long after we are gone. After we thoroughly clean your driveway our chemicals take care of the rest long after it dries. For more information call now